For Valentine’s Day – Romance is in the history!

In this modern day we live in a fast-paced world. Smart phones are an extension of our bodies and every time we venture out the front door a new development has shot up from the ground, seemingly over night!

We seem to physically talk to each other less, our hands are used for scrolling through a digital world, and when we do allow ourselves time to eat we expect our food delivered fast.

So in a bustling city where technology and the modern touch link arm in arm, is romance history?

Southampton City is no exception to the development of new buildings, with grand new complexes popping up filled with well-known food establishments. This is great for the city and its hungry population, but where’s the romance?

Buildings are created economically but designed to leverage the market, do you lose the character and personality that adds to the romance? And in a fast-paced world designed to get you in and get you out, do you ever get to sit still?


Thankfully for Southampton there is still an area of the city that has maintained its charm through its historical architecture and deep history that runs through its core. Oxford Street in Southampton is the city’s own connection to its past, with strong links to the monarchy and the infamous Titanic.

Today Oxford Street’s independent bars and restaurants have created vibrant and modern venues whist paying homage to their rich history.

The likes of The White Star Tavern, Simons at Oxfords, Max’s Bar & Brasserie, and Oxford Brasserie have all created their own inviting atmospheres to sweep you off your feet and give you a first class dining experience.

As you enjoy your drinks in The Grapes and The London Hotel you are surrounded by history, where the walls hold the secrets of times-gone-by and open themselves up to our modern world of today.

Oxford Street is living proof that romance lies within our history, with a warm, welcoming atmosphere that allows you to live in the moment and unwind in its past.

So ask yourself honestly, when was the last time you enjoyed a meal without checking your phone at least once? Sipped your drink whilst soaking up your surroundings? Or, enjoyed a fine meal that was more than just eating, it was an experience?

If you’ve thought too long then it’s time you revived the romance and took a trip to Oxford Street Southampton.


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