For a good old Sunday Roast in Southampton

Ask anyone what Sundays were made for and we bet amongst the answers you’ll get “for Sunday roasts”!

A traditional British favourite, the Sunday roast brings friends and families together as they tuck into their favourite slice of roasted meat, crispy roasted potatoes, fresh and juicy vegetables, and lashings of thick gravy…oh and of course what roast is complete without a Yorkshire pudding?!

Of course you could enjoy a roast at any time of the week, but whether it’s because we’ve been programmed to think it, or whether it’s because a roast leaves us so full that lazing about for the rest of the day is the only option, but Sunday’s are still simply the best day to enjoy a full blown roast dinner!

Obviously you can cook the roast yourself. Timing is everything! Make sure those vegetables aren’t over-cooking as you turn up the oven on those hard potatoes that just won’t seem to turn golden! Watch out for those Yorkshire’s that are looking a little too crisp as you try to stir that lumpy gravy. And be careful with that meat, the hero of the dish, which you’ve once again forgotten to take out in time to let it rest.

If just the thought of it has caused a bead of sweat on your brow, we won’t remind you of the washing up that has to follow, you really did need to use every pan didn’t you?! Suddenly, relaxing Sunday’s with your delicious roast dinner don’t feel quite so serene. The answer? Let someone else do it!

Lots of restaurants offer a menu dedicated to the Sunday roast, you won’t be able to order anything but! Over the years restaurants have found ways to refine the roast, it’s not just piles of over-cooked vegetables hidden under a soggy Yorkshire. It’s creamy pureed parsnips, perfectly crispy crackling, fish and vegetarian options, along side options of slowly roasted beef, tender chicken and honey-roasted pork.

The key is discovering where to find the best Sunday roasts in Southampton! We’ll give you a clue…

With Sunday roasts available at Simons at Oxfords and The London Hotel, Oxford Street Southampton is definitely the place to go for a Sunday Roast in Southampton. We recommend you try all of the above, just to be sure you find your favourite…

Watch the video! Oxford Street Loves Roasts…

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