Oxford Street Partial Pedestrianisation

Plans are already in place and the eastern end of Oxford Street between Terminus Terrace and John Street is now closed. This area, for the next 6 months at least, will be for pedestrians only.

As part of the experimental closure, the damaged pavement will be repaired. The work will require temporary barriers and signage after which a more in keeping closure using planters and bollards will be installed for the duration of the experimental closure. The changes include a new loading bay in John Street.

The plan is to monitor the closure for at least six months with feedback from businesses, residents and stakeholders like the taxi trade, before deciding on whether to make it a permanent feature.

Bargate ward councillor John Noon believes the street will enjoy a “continental atmosphere” without vehicles driving through it. He hopes that after the trial 6 months if it proves a success then the street will remain pedestrianised permanently.

Following some initial discussions with businesses on Oxford Street the council was asked to extend the pedestrianisation to include all of the paved part of Oxford Street up to the junction with Latimer Street. The council has agreed to consider options for further pedestrianisation in the future and plan to discuss and review this with the stakeholder group during the experimental closure.

It is hoped that the pedestrian area will improve safety in the road but there are concerns for customer parking. You can find out more information on where to park on Oxford Street here.

For now and with the arrival of spring, we’re sure that the new pedestrianised area will give an added personal touch to Oxford Street’s alfresco dining and cosmopolitan feel!


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